This comfortable T-shirt will improve your posture

This comfortable T-shirt will improve your posture

This shirt helps improve your posture

Posted by In The Know Innovation on Thursday, January 24, 2019

The Posture Reminder T-shirt has Posture Alignment Technology that prevents you from slouching and reminds you to stand up straight by keeping your shoulders aligned. The Posture Alignment Technology is a combination of unique back panel that guides the user to keep shoulder blades together and the design of the shoulders that position shoulders in a natural position, rolled back. When shoulder blades are held back and spine is aligned, you automatically activate muscles and engage the core while standing and sitting. 

The t-shirt does not need compression to make you stand tall, it’s loose and comfortable around the waist which makes it esthetic for all bodies and suitable for all occasions.


  • Deepens the breath and improve the oxygen uptake which makes the product suitable for physical performances and challenging tasks.
  • Functional shape for a natural   shoulder position
  • The Posture Alignment Technology that keeps the shoulder blades together and guides the user to an improved tension in the core muscles. 
  • A normal fit design (not compression) which makes the shirt comfortable and esthetic looks on all bodies.
  • Perfect for sports in the gym,  running as well as on a busy day at the office or a relaxing weekend gaming session with your pals.
  • It’s discrete and can be worn by itself or hidden under a shirt.